About Me!

1. Portfolio career!

Nursing sister, medical rep, trainer, care industry manager, music business, HR/marketing, CEO and chair brain injury charity, owner of play café/restaurant, gym (looking at me you’d never believe it!) and takeawaysmagazine editor and copy writer, book reviewer, theatre critic, singer, awards bid writer, assessor of management/leadership skills, management consultant, and of course, writer and author. A total salmagundi!

2. Your heritage, hinny

Exiled Geordie, happy Somersetian (if that’s a word), Turkophile. If your name happens to be Young, Poxon, Cingoz or O’Donnell, then welcome, cousin – do make contact!

And by the way we have a family tradition of hyphenated first names.

 3. Loves and Likes

The requisite writer’s diet of wine and chocolate, travel, animals, lists, baskets and boxes to organise stuff, the arts, cookery, crafts, gardening, foraging, recycling (just call me Stig of the dump), and of course my husband, blended family and the lights of my life: the grandchildren.

Line drawing of Julie O' Donnell

4. Room 101 Loathing

Cyclists who creep up from behind on paths and lanes and don’t let you know they are there, pretentious gyms, Twitter trolls, offal.

5. Books

Anthony’s Step-Adoption, All Things Bride and Beautiful (coming soon), 4 books ghost-written for USA publisher, Risk Assessment and Health and Safety in Care Establishments, Caring for Someone at a Distance, Wor Day.

6. Thank yous for getting me and my writing here

Pam Knight, Somerset Web Services, Becky Wright, Dil Roworth, Sue Coulthard, John Dunn, Crimson Romance (Simon and Schuster), Age Concern, Sarah Ford, Viv Streeter, Neil Huggon, all hallowed editors who have published my articles. Oh – and my husband.