Areas of interest – a mixed bag. No, not my husband’s latest insult for me.

  • Business and management – Board-level strategy, marketing, HR, training and development, objective external assessment, leadership and management, women in management, collaborative working (management consultant; CMgr assessor; board director and ex-CEO)
  • Parenting, grand-parenting, relationships, blended families, weddings, adoption and step-adoption, education and training (significant personal experience)
  • Health and safety (ex-trainer; author)
  • Food safety, catering, cookery (owner/director of various food establishments including award-winning family-friendly cafe/restaurant)
  • Travel (lifelong addiction to travel; writer)
  • Book reviews (including annually management book of the year)
  • Theatre/performance reviews (regular reviews)
  • Turkey (country, not the bird), cuisine, culture, bellydance (deep personal involvement with the country)
  • History – especially seventeenth century custom and practice
  • Gardening and garden design (personal passion; gardens large and small)
  • Play cafes, baby and child-related and family-friendly products and services, children’s activities (owner/director of award-winning family-friendly cafe/restaurant)
  • Gyms, fitness, nutrition ( I know – you’d never believe it…) (owner/director of award-winning family-friendly gym)
  • Health, social care, elderly care and the voluntary sector (practical experience; management; training; author; writer; registered nurse)
  • Products and services for seniors (yes, personal experience in that, now) (author; writer; personal experience)
  • Brain injury, learning difficulties, autism. Anti-social behaviour linked to those conditions (writer; ex-CEO of national charity)

Please note that this is not the definitive list. If you have an article or feature you need written on any subject, please allow me to push to the front of the queue. I even once wrote for a high-street magazine on ‘Sexercises’. Not saying what areas of interest or expertise might have kicked in there!