Guzelcamli – “beautiful pine-trees” – nestled below mountains, the resin smell wafting on refreshing breezes tickling Caribbean-clear bays. No hordes of European tourists. And that’s its charm.

Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, bartering for bargains, or chilling with a glass of Efes beer and fresh fruit just picked from the tree. Cauldron sunsets over Samos, so close you want to touch it. Swimming in the Cave of Zeus; a day cruise on a wooden gulet; buying melons from passing tractors; Turkish baths; using local dolmus transport (literally “stuffed” – but Britain could learn from the regularity and network); visiting Ephesus and the Virgin Mary’s house; nearby waterparks – something for everyone.

Learn some Turkish words – you may be invited for tea. Or to a wedding or circumcision party! In Guzelcamli you will experience real Turkey.