I have a butterfly brain!

I have a butterfly brain which means I’m always flitting through ideas like Tinkerbell on speed. In Belbin team role terms I’m a shaper and chair. It pains me to confess to it but the downside is that I’m not a great finisher. I’m not proud of the fact but I recognise that I get bored with projects after a while and can often leave them to fester – which is why I operate so much better with externally-set deadlines which mean I have to see something through to fruition.

So – my New Year’s resolution, which of course I am going to keep, said she tongue-in-cheek, is to bring to fruition some current projects, half-researched or written or indeed fully written and waiting for the research into publishing them to take place. These include some health-related features on some inspirational individuals, and my ‘Hugo and Hobbs’ series of tales of a cat and dog living together – but all with a lesson for children re looking after pets or understanding their behaviour woven in.

Ready to roll out, though, is a tale written specifically for young children about step-adoption, ‘Anthony’s Step-Adoption’. My research shows, and indeed the British Association for Fostering and Adoption confirmed, that there is a lack of material aimed at that age-group, yet step-adoption is apparently becoming increasingly common in the UK, and is the most common form of adoption in the US.

Being wheeled into church - all things Bride and BeautifulAnd – many years after writing the first draft of the tale of my wedding woes, I realise that there is definitely an interest in the story of me breaking my leg on the morning of the wedding, as seen in The One Show snippet on 10 Jan 2018 where they aired the picture of me being wheeled into the church with my leg out in front of me! So I reckon it’s long overdue to give birth to this book, All Things Bride and Beautiful, after its 10-year incubation period – and what better time than to coincide with another royal wedding year?