Another book on leadership? Do we really need any more exploring the theory and practice of Adair, Goleman et al? I confess that is what I thought, but I will eat my words. Alan Cutler, in his ‘Leadership Psychology – how the best leaders inspire their people’, writes in a flowing and engaging style. Yes, he explores models and theories and the psychological perspective of applying them, and there is nothing particularly new there, but he has succeeded in bringing it all to life with vignettes about, and quotes from, a wide range of successful leaders including those drawn from The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list – everyone from the Chief Executive of TGI Friday’s to – and this, I think, is one of the masterstrokes of the book – an explorer.

Peppered with everything from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to personality audits, there is a good balance of well-researched text, visuals, leadership best practice examples and pull-quotes. With its easily accessible layout, I believe that it would be an excellent book for those starting off on their leadership career path, but should not be ignored by those more experienced. It’s staying on my bookshelf. 5 stars!