Anything with the name Harvard in the title will be assumed to have credibility and this book – a compilation of Management Tips of the Day from sources such as blogs,delivers practical advice on managing yourself, your team and your business.

‘Keep it simple’, exhorts tip 5 in ‘managing your team’. ‘Often it’s the same message in a new package’.And in truth much of this advice could be found in so many other forums – even the one-minute manager type of publication – that the Harvard pedigree almost leads to a disappointment.

Nevertheless this small book (perhaps it would have benefitted from being even smaller and becoming truly pocket-sized?) is a neat format, old tenets repackaged and with a simple and welcome touch of a ribbon bookmark, making it an ideal commuter read. Arguably of greatest benefit to new managers, at least it pulls together snapshots of sage advice in one easy-to-read publication.

Perhaps its greatest strength is in delivering what its own final pearl of wisdom advocates – ‘serve your customers how they want to be served – simply’.