This tome is written in a flowing, humorous manner with descriptions worthy of a Man Booker Prize contender, such as ‘stocky vowels and thick-boned consonants…’

Thirteen case studies of entrepreneurs whose branded products are eponyms though not generic descriptors (a major coup in brand protection) are enhanced by extracts from interviews with the subjects. There is a refreshing honesty about their self-doubts, their financial struggles, and the constant which is dogged determination. These are not examples of work/life balance exponents – they have blurred the emotional boundaries and time-lines of business and personal life.

Informality, references to religious influences, family and pets, (many have not been born into a wealthy environment) and topical references such as to X-factor abound. The authors have not regaled us with the usual references to management ‘gurus’ or models. Instead we gain an insight into the lessons learned by successful figures such as Dyson, Bridgewater and Sainsbury- the emotional frailties as well as the confident successes.

A most refreshingly-presented book suitable for all managers at any level, whether or not they aspire to innovation and creativity – and a good reminder that reflection is at the heart of successful management.