It’s not often a book grabs me the way ‘The Five Wounds’ did.

Chosen by our virtual book club (must write something about this at some point), Kirstin Valdez Quade’s novel resonated at every level.

The Five woundsBeautiful descriptions of New Mexico (a place where I spent 6 weeks many years ago and bringing back memories of the vivid colours alongside miles of emptiness), plus characters so keenly observed and depicted that I really did feel like reaching in and squeezing the spot on the nose of one of the teenagers! Veering between linking or disliking them, empathising or despising their actions and attitudes, all were flawed in some way. Yet after each reading session, I found myself thinking about the characters – their circumstances, tragic in some instances, what decisions they might make next. And I wasn’t just interested – I really cared about them. Not since ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ have I felt so deeply invested in a book’s characters.

And to discover that this is a debut novel blew me away – a triumph.






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