8:10am Monday 21st February 2011

AS close to vocal perfection as you can get – the three soprano voices of Trio Mediaeval, who performed at Kingston St Mary church on Sunday.

The Grammy-nominated trio deserved their standing ovation after delivering a faultless programme of polyphonic music. Their sound washed over the packed audience, with a texture which belied only three voices.

The techniques used were advanced: luxurious lengthy phrasing with impeccable breath control which meant every last note delivered bang in the centre, a judicious smattering of 13th Century dissonance and voice drone within their interpretations, ornamental notes which were delivered with startling clarity and harmonies super-glued to each other.

Their synergy of tone and their rare, virtually vibrato-free delivery resulted in clarity of sound which stunned.

As the sun set outside the candle-lit church this was an experience to match any sunset, anywhere. Sitting on pews buffed by centuries of souls, absorbing the plangent sounds of chimes in Benedicta/Virgo dei genitrix and voices as pure as faith itself, we were steeped in serenity.

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