“Three layers of skin hide our bones, organs and muscles, but can it hide who we are?” was the question posed by Retina Dance Company’s Layers of Skin at Taunton Brewhouse.

In a potent production with frenetic choreography and passion, 6 dancers held the audience spell-bound. Setting the tone with sinuous stretches in complete silence, the dancers entwined as tentacles around each other before unpeeling to slide into slow-motion film-like movements, building to corybantic dancing using the whole body as opposed to isolation.

Unpredictable in form and context this choreography was about as safe as snow with a blow torch, and fire and ice it certainly was with scorchingly sensual overtones in their exploration of physicality. The females in the dance company dominated the stage with a pace and energy to match the music – an enjoyable fusion of insistent rhythm and musicality, and a refreshing change from many contemporary dance soundtracks.

Whenever silence was used for protracted periods later in the production it is notable that not a whisper nor a rustle could be heard in the auditorium. A truly original offering.