A fair smattering of glitter, flares and platform boots was to be seen at the Brewhouse for The Jackie Generation – and that was just the audience.

Music was belted out with the bass reverberations causing a mini earthquake in each seat 70s style, and with covers of everything from The Carpenters to Olivia Newton-John, and Marc Bolan to Slade the 6-piece group provided a nostalgia trip which certainly appealed to most of the audience. I say most, as it was noticeable that a few had left by the interval.

The singing was at times more karaoke than quality and alongside the other more mature band members, the incongruously young lead male vocalist struggled during the first half with both tonality and volume and was straining to hit notes in the higher register, though he seemed more relaxed in the second half. However the evening wasn’t about perfect pitch – it was about reminiscing and having the opportunity to sing along to old favourites. Occasional references to the girls’ magazine ‘Jackie’ were made, but I was surprised the band didn’t link more to the type of articles covered back in the 1970s of which many would have still had fond memories.

The audience members who didn’t leave early were there for a good time – and got it judging by the dancing in the aisles, the waving of the arms in time to the music, the singing along with gusto, and the standing ovation they gave.