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26 March 

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Welcome to the District 1200 Conference and main Stage to Paul Wooding.
According to the WWF, between 200 and 2,000 extinctions occur every year, due to climatic heating or cooling, changes in sea levels, or direct human activity such as poaching for big game or tusks, or land development disrupting ecosystems.
This shocking statistic tells us that more needs to be done to care for our world, and it’s important to look at the causation of the extinction of all animals who, sadly, will never roam our earth again. (Though we may feel grateful that we’re not face-to-face with flesh-eating dinosaurs!) So – welcome to our unique breakout session with Paul Wooding – T.Rex Autopsy.
Taunton Deane resident and Bristol-based in his work, Paul Wooding is an award winning producer/ director, and Creative Director at Spark TV, and known for numerous productions including D-Day to Victory (Channel 4 2011), Smash Lab (Discovery 2007) and Backstage (BBC 1999). Having studied and achieved a Distinction in photography at Mid-Cheshire College of Art and Design, Paul’s career has encompassed creating shows for major broadcasters worldwide, including many years with the BBC documentaries department including running The Holiday Programme. In-between, his love of cars has seen him be a rally driver – and three times LCAMC Champion. He was Executive Producer of T.Rex Autopsy, a specialist factual documentary for National Geographic, and winning huge acclaim when it was broadcast around the world. T.Rex Autopsy was a ground-breaking film of the dissection of the first-ever life-sized model of a T.Rex by a team of scientists including palaeontologists investigating the serious issue of how it may have lived and died: there was blood, guts and gore galore!
Join Paul on the main stage – we guarantee excitement for adults and young people alike. Do you have the stomach for it?!