#Nationalpetsday – celebrating Matilda, my shadow


Butter wouldn’t melt….

So – 18 months ago Matilda came into our lives. She has been a joy and heartbreak in equal measure. Biting people, wrecking our kitchen (and my daughter’s on Christmas Day), peeing everywhere. Couldn’t let other people – especially men – anywhere near her at first. She continues to be a problem at night, with separation anxiety, and sleep aggression. Our previous rescue dog, our gorgeous Labrador Hugo, was a breeze compared to her. So why continue with her? Because I can be as stubborn a mare as she is; because her progress has been absolutely amazing and so rewarding; because I don’t give up easily and once I commit to an animal, then that’s it – whatever the problems. That’s what rescuing animals is about. Because no dog sets out to be such a problem. It’s what has happened to them in the past that has shaped their behaviour, and everything bad that Tilda has done, or still does, is rooted in absolute fear. And she had certainly been badly abused in Spain. She is now a devoted dog who loves most people – especially the grandchildren, who tries hard to please, and who enjoys being the centre of attention in a pub or cafe, when previously we couldn’t get her across the doorstep. People ask why we didn’t adopt in the UK. We had our name down at several places, but she came along. And compassion should have no boundaries – for animals or humans. And because, quite simply, Matilda was worth saving. #Nationalpetsday #griffonrescueuk #rescuedogsrock #tildastails


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