I believe I will be eligible for my pension this year – about time too! I have no problem with levelling up the retirement age between the sexes, but it’s the fact that my particular generation has been marginalised by not alerting us in advance to the later date. So – will I then retire? I’ve been threatening to for a few years now, but still seem unable to turn down work when it’s offered, being self-employed. And I still enjoy it. I’ve gone through the imagination and anticipation stages (yes of course I’ll devote more time to writing); just waiting for the liberation, reorientation and reconciliation stages.

Mind you, Rory is supposed to be retired and seems to be working as many days as before on what is supposed to be a 2-day per week chairmanship role. His retirement curve has been denial – I’m not old enough, it’s not possible; anxiety – what will I do with my time (I had and still have a long list, Rory); acceptance – the ‘oh s***’ moment; feeling down – do I really want to be retired; excitement – I’m going to spend all my time renovating my old car (needs lots of skill and money, Rory); and resignation – or actually, probably reaping the benefits now, as at least he goes out once a week and plays golf. And slowly, he’s working through my list!

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