Having taken on this challenge of swimming 22 miles (and setting myself the additional challenge of doing it in 22 days) I now believe myself to be insane. It’s not in my genes to do this kind of thing. But being sponsored is a really good driver to make you do something – you can’t let them down. Getting close to my target amount of sponsorship now.

Must admit I struggled to even get into the pool this morning as I woke up to my arthritis screaming at me, and I was shattered. But I got in and swam and swam… how any of you sporty types keep this kind of thing up as a permanent feature of your lives beats me. Not sure if I need a coffee to boost me now, or a nana nap.

I must ‘keep swimming’ and watch ‘Finding Dory’. Talking of ‘keep swimming’, I woke up through the night to find that I had slithered out of bed head first and was trying to swim on the floor. And Rory O’Donnell happened to be awake and watching! ‘What the **** are you doing?!’ As I started to wake up at that point, (and realising that this could not be a pretty sight), I answered, ‘I’m swimming of course. Or maybe I’m a snake.’ No – I have no words for this either. And thank goodness I didn’t decide in my sleep to do a full-blown dive out of bed.

However I do recall at the beginning of this pandemic and our first full-blown lockdown, that I had vivid dreams about being a snake and I had a similar episode where I was acting out a dream, trying to slither and hiss. Totally bizarre. Then I read that the stress of the pandemic is for some people creating strange dreams (often including animals) which is our brains’ way of processing what is happening. Mind you, I’ve also read that acting out your dreams can be an indicator of future dementia…

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