Didn’t feel like getting up at the crack of dawn this morning – a very subdued dawn chorus because of the rain provided me with a short lie-in. So instead of a swim and gardening to set me up for the day before working and writing, I bagged up the Easter eggs ready for Good Friday’s hunt. I’m being more explicit about where to put them this year. Last year one of my step-daughters put them out. I sent all the children out in the freezing cold with their clues (musical ones last year), and there were some frustrated faces when the eggs weren’t where they should have been… Ah, the art of good communication. Need to send my husband out to get more, though – the very tidy mice (foil wrappers in the bin) appear to have found my latest chocolate hiding place last night after I’d gone to bed. Does anyone else end up replacing all of the eggs (tiny ones and the big ones, too) about 3 times before Easter? And to think that when I married him I thought that I was the chocoholic.

Need some spare eggs just in case. It looks like the number may have crept up to 25 children. Plus 30-odd adults at the moment. Party on – and a good weather forecast so far.

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