After the most tumultuous and traumatic year of my life, I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation, like a hedgehog. I won’t write about the details of the past twelve months. I’ve recorded them all and one day they may become a memoir. When I’m ready.

I’m shocked at the fact that I wasn’t even motivated to write a thing – certainly no blog posts.

However in the meantime I’ve been able to help others to achieve their writing ambitions. I’m certainly no expert but I’ve been happy to share what I di know.

Check out Sue Shearon’s tales (e-books available from the Prickly Edge Hedgehog Rescue) which were inspired by her finding a poorly hedgehog in her garden.


Nanna’s Book of Bedtime Stories
by Sue Shearon
Illustrations by Paul Stockham
Paul Stockham, for his wonderful illustrations.
Penny Moore, Prickly Edge Hedgehog Rescue C.I.C. for sharing her knowledge of hedgehogs.
Julie O’Donnell, for her time, patience and encouragement.
Special thanks to my 8-year-old granddaughter, Megan Amelia, who reads and approves every story, before they are published.

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