I haven’t written a blog post for a very long time – in fact I was shocked at how long it has been, despite New Year resolutions, promises to self, and umpteen other failed aide memoirs. And it saddens me that what has motivated me to write something is the current coronavirus situation, as we all await what seems to be an inevitability – of more of us having to self-isolate and of numerous events being cancelled. The tentacles of this virus are far-reaching, beyond the potential severity of the illness, to the impact on every sphere of life. In this nation we may be able to manage self-isolation on the whole, but how do you get a poorly pooch to the vet? Or you may be in the middle of treatment for cancer but not welcome, understandably, at the hospital at the moment. We must all be starting to plan for the worst.

The companies already struggling – who only recently had the Brexit uncertainty causing enormous financial pressures – and now have to contend with either no customers and/or no supplies coming through the chain from China – and I have first-hand knowledge of just such a situation which is putting a previously solid company on a knife edge now – and it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. The government has pledged to support organisations through this crisis – however what about those of us who are self-employed? I work primarily from home via telephone or video links, but as for other sole traders, from dance teachers to beauty therapists to chiropractors to cleaners to dog-walkers… it seems something was promised in the budget but it’s not clear what.

Life is about to change for us all. Let’s hope we can demonstrate man’s humanity to man, and not the selfishness of stockpiling soap and anti-bac. For heaven’s sake – hasn’t it occurred to these selfish piranhas that in order to protect themselves from the virus, others actually have to be able to wash their hands too?

I was going to blog about perceptions of Rotary in general and my husband’s forthcoming Rotary District Conference – and I may well still do so in the near future, as we have to continue to plan for it, not knowing whether or not we will be forced to cancel, but also now considering our own event disaster recovery plan as a ‘just in case’ scenario.

So – with that off my chest I may just return to my social media isolation. Or I may have turned over a new leaf along with the emerging spring. As yet that’s an unknown – like everything else going on in this mad, mad world.


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