So much has been written about volunteering during this pandemic that I don’t need to say much more. However I think this has truly been an indication of how inter-agency working can be successful. Let’s hope it can continue post-pandemic. The NHS and council staff seconded to the vaccination clinics, supported by volunteers like myself volunteering as vaccinators and marshals, and Rotary in particular supporting so many roles at the vaccination hubs. It’s probably fair to say they would not have been so successful had an army of volunteers not been motivated to help out. And not all of us retired, it must be noted!

For the Rotary District 1200 virtual conference, we (well, Highwayman Films) put together a few clips taken on mobile phones at a few of the vaccination hubs. People were out in all weathers. To have played a part in what has been the biggest national volunteering effort in many years has been rewarding and uplifting – indeed, in this Rotary district alone, over 200 Rotarians and their families have contributed to the volunteering effort.

And I’m really not a pin, badge or brooch person (there’s a hint as to what not to buy me for a present, should anyone be wondering), but it was thoughtful of Somerset NHS to present volunteers at the clinics with a vaccination clinic thank-you badge. That will definitely go into my ‘scrapbook treasures’ box. When I can find it buried in the garage, that is.

And perhaps decluttering ought to be on my ‘to do’ list. Along with writing more.

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